Five Reasons to Start a Raised Bed Garden

Five Reasons to Start a Raised Bed Garden

Michael Jenkins | March 24, 2022

Interest in gardening is growing worldwide, and that means a good many folks who are putting in their first ever garden! Starting a garden is always a challenge, and there’s a lot to learn for newcomers to the  hobby. And while we tend to think of gardening as a timeless activity, there have been real advances in how we understand gardening and the techniques we use in the garden. Raised beds have been around for millennia, but they’ve become more popular in recent years and we’ve learned a lot about the best ways to implement them. As it turns out, there are a number of advantages to a raised bed garden, so for those of you who are on the fence here are five reasons to start a raised bed garden.

  1. Better Soil. A planter bed garden allows you to build the soil you need for the plants you want to grow, wherever you are and in whatever outdoor space you have. There’s a huge advantage to putting the soil you want in right away, with the right combination of compost and topsoil, rather than trying to till and improve the soil in the ground.
  2. Less Weeding! Weeding is one of the least-fun parts of gardening, and very few of us enjoy it. With a raised bed, you’ll have less weeding to do as you’ll have more control of the soil and the raised bed will help prevent some weeds from infiltrating. This isn’t to say you’ll have no weeds, but there will be fewer of them and they’ll be easier to control.
  3. Less Back Pain! Raised bed gardens are, as the name suggests, elevated above the ground. This makes it easier to reach the surface of the soil and the plants growing in it, which in turn makes for much less work and frankly much less back pain. For gardeners of a certain age, or those with mobility challenges, a raised bed can make life a lot easier. While most raised bed gardens are about 12 inches high, you can make them any height you want that suites your needs.
  4. Better Drainage. Raised bed move your soil above the grade of your yard, which means that the rain has somewhere to go and you get better drainage as a result. For gardeners in wet climates or those with soggy, marshy yards, this can be a real advantage in both soil quality and drainage control.
  5. Raised beds are flexible. You can put them where you want, working with slopes, uneven ground, or hillsides. Some raised bed systems, like the ones from Gardzen, are self contained units and can be relocated when needed. Just empty the soil out and move them to the new space—it’s that easy! This gives you flexibility and versatility, year after year, as your garden grows and evolves.

Raised beds are a popular options for gardens of all sorts, and with good reason. They’re flexible, versatile, and easy to use and maintain. You can find a variety of sizes of raised beds, along with other containers and tools, at Gardzen. Take a look, and let us help you build the garden of your dreams!

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