Gardzen raised vegetable beds
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Gardzen Raised Garden Bed
Gardzen Raised Garden Bed
raised bed
Gardzen Raised Garden Bed
Gardzen Raised Garden Bed
Gardzen Raised Garden Bed

Gardzen Raised Garden Bed

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Material and Size - Made of superior breathable non-woven fabric to promote faster plant growth through better aeration, it provides water drainage to stop overwatering. Dimension: 2 ft. x 2 ft.x 11.8 in. square shape.
Super Productive - Intensive planting means huge yields from small spaces, so it is ideal for gardeners with limited space. The square is divided into four one foot squares. No need to build grid by yourself. In each square can be planted a different species of vegetables.
Neat and Organized - If you' re growing in your back garden you don' t want to ruin your view with an untidy plot. Gardzen divided vegetable beds create a neat, easy to manage growing area.
Minimal Maintenance - Gardzen Square foot gardening is a fast way to start a new garden, it is great for first-timers. It takes a lot less time and effort. Since the garden is small and you have only a few specific tasks to do on any given day, you only need to invest a few minutes planting, maintaining, and harvesting at any one a time.
We Are Superior Sellers - 100% SATISFACTION OR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, try it risk free, we know you'll love it!


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  • Does this growing bed have a bottom in it?

    Yes, it is. Made of 400g thickened nonwoven fabric which is more thickened and durable. 

  • How much soil fits in one 2x2 container

    Hi, thanks for your question. One small square equals to 7 gallon. We suggest to put 26.6 litre soil + 560 gram organic fertilizer + 140 gram bacteria manure per small square. 4 squares need to 106.4 litre soil + 2240 gram organic fertilizer +560 gram bacteria manure.