Gardzen Raised Garden Planter Bed
raised planter bed
raised garden planter
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Gardzen Raised Garden Planter Bed
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Gardzen Raised Garden Planter Bed

Gardzen Raised Garden Planter Bed

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  • Material and Size - Made of superior breathable non-woven fabric to promote faster plant growth through better aeration. It's breathable and can last at least 2 years. Dimension: 47.2”*23.5”*16.9”(bed),47.2”*23.5”*64.7”(frame). The material is BPA-free and AZO-free.
  • Moisture Retention - There is a polyester lining around the planting bed, which is waterproof, effectively rerouting water down, away from the fabric walls and down to the lower portion of this raised bed. While bottom fabric material can drain water out if overwatered.
  • No-Till Gardening - The flower bed is absolutely perfect for your living no till setup. Air prunes the plant's roots to prevent root circling, resulting in a healthier plant with improved overall root structure.
  • PVC Included - This raised planter bed kit is PVC pipes and connectors for option. The PVC pipes are easy to put together and fit snuggly. With the frame, you can put any type net to protect plants in the four seasons. Save time and efforts!
  • Minimal Maintenance - Gardzen raised garden planter is a fast way to start a new garden, it is great for first-timers. it takes a lot less time and effort. Since the garden is small and you have only a few specific tasks to do on any given day, you only need to invest a few minutes planting, maintaining, and harvesting at any one a time.


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    • Can I order just the pvc pipes only?

      Hello, I'm sorry, we don't have separate PVC pipes available. You can purchase the pipes on local store. If you need the pipes dimension, we can send you the instruction.