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Gardzen 20-Pack Nonwoven Grow Bags, Aeration Fabric Pots

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  • 【Premium Quality Material】Made of high quality and durable non-woven fabric, which is fluffy and has a good hand feeling. The material is BPA-free and AZO-free. These grow bags are washable for reuse.
  • 【Let Your Plants Grow Healthier】These grow bags provide excellent aeration and good air permeability, can offer enough space for roots to breath and effectively avoid root swirling, promote a healthy root ball.
  • 【Excellent Drainage】The woven design provide good drainage and allow your roots to breath which results in both faster growth and greater plant vigor. P.S. In the hot summer sun, the plants need watering every day.
  • 【Easy to Transport】No worries moving them around. The handles are double thick and double stitched to the bag. Durable grow bags with sturdy handle straps allows easily and safely moving.


Ask a Question
  • Can these be used indoor?

    I did use them indoors after I transplanted my veggies into them, I have some on riser above plant saucers and other in specialized pot holders with trays. They make a special riser for fabric pots.

  • How much potting soil will I need for 1, I want to add moss and mushroom compost as well

    Close to (1) 32 at bag potting soil. It's hard to be exact because I mix 20 to 30 percent top soil, 20 to 30 percent compost mix and 20 to 30 percent potting soil plus a little of ground coco fiber. Also added some lime, magnesium, and slow release fertilizer. The potting soil is ok but a good mixture will be a better all around planting medium.

  • Are these food grade?

    Yes, they are food grade, BPA-free, these are just bags regular material we are using for Vegi’s

  • We\'re planning on planting green beans, jalapenos, and habaneros in these. Which size should we look into?

    I am not sure but am trying the 1 gal, 2 gal, 5 gal and 15 gal in my garden this year. Planted jalapeno in 1 gal to see root structure, growing eggplants and squash in 2 gal and 5 gal sizes. Mixed veg in 15 gal. They are all doing ok. I will say this company has the best looking quality bags, however in east central florida I water the bags twice a day if no rain and am using masterblend fertilizer. No big difference between in ground and bag with exception to more frequent watering. Used mix of topsoil, compost, potting mix, vermiculite. GOOD LUCK ! I agree 5 gal might be right size

  • How much weight can each sized bag hold?

    Each bag can hold about 17-20 quarts of potting soil, which I guess is between 13-17 lbs.

  • or single pepper and tomato plants what size would you recommend? I was thinking the five gallon but I\'m worried it\'s too big for single plants.

    Tomatoes i would def do a 5 gallon. I used them and they got huge. Peppers I did a test run this past summer and they did fine in a 3 gallon, although I have read to use a 5.

  • How long will ot take for pot to break down if planted in the ground ?

    There is a specific type of Root Pouch for in-ground use. Those plant pots will last about three years.

  • Will placing it on wood or concrete make it last longer or wear out faster?

    You need to have some way for the water to drain out the bottom. Letting the it sit wet is going to encourage mold and damage the bag. Just small wedge would do the trick.

  • I am looking for something to start 50 or so trees in. Has anyone left these out over a winter or 2 or 3? How did they hold up?

      I left them out in Bay Area, CA winter (so basically mild winter) and they held up just fine.

  • Are these bags bpa free? Do these growing bags have any chemicals that can leach in to produce?

    Yes, they are BPA-free. These plant pots are food-safe and contain no harmful chemicals.

  • Are these reusable?

    Yes, if you empty them, clean them out, let dry and store over winter, they last longer. I’m at 3 years with my first purchase.

  • Do you need to use a tray underneath?

      Depends on intended use. If used indoors definitely use a tray. I would also be aware for roots growing through the bottom, as I experienced that for the 2020 growing season. With that said, next time I plan on adding concrete papers underneath each grow bag.

  • Can weeds get through the bottom of these pots if set on dirt

    I haven't had that happen, but i have had my plants roots grow into the fabric so i would guess some can if left in one spot long enough.

  • Can I use this bag inside a ceramic pot?

    Yes, you can. These bags can drain excess water out to the ceramic pot, which means it will acheive self-water as there are water on the bottom.

  • Do they work if I water my plant from the bottom?


  • Can I plant a tree seedling in these and then plant it in the ground in the grow bag to protect the tree from gophers?

    I would not. Several reasons. First, the bag is not constructed to be planted in the ground and used as a deterrent. Second, I'm fairly certain that a gopher will be able to chew through the bag. Third, you might want to google "gopher proofing seedling trees", there you can find a few YouTube videos on creating a wire basket to grow the trees in, Gardzen also sells the hardware cloth (screen)required to fashion a basket. I feel your pain, we planted trees once and lost them to gophers. After creating baskets for the new saplings, we never had that problem again. I even do the same thing for ANY bulbs that I plant. Let them find wild food to eat. Not the bulbs/plants I spend my money on. Hope this helps.

  • Are these collapsible for storage?