Marry Pots Detachable Grow Bags, 100% Avoid Transplant Shock

Marry Pots Detachable Grow Bags, 100% Avoid Transplant Shock

Do you still use the obsolete way of transplanting?

Are you always nervous and anxious the day leading up to a major transplant of high value? And afraid that your plants will have major transplant mishaps?

We all know if we transplant improperly, our plants may suffer transplant shock. The main symptom is leaf rolling and limb dieback. When you transplant, you need to remove the dirt surrounding the roots and then settle a plant into a place by pushing down on the dirt around it. In this process, root hairs will be exposed to light, heat and abrasion which easily caused them to get damaged. Furthermore, plants are hard to be perked up when they suffer transplant shock, and even some died.

Transplant Shock

Gardzen Marry Pots can solve that worry and allow the most novice grower a very very good chance! This method is a game changer for soil cannabis farmers and tomatoes, and any pesky plant that are so sensitive to transplanting.

What is "Marry Pots"

“Marry Pots” is transformed and upgraded by Craig Hemmie on the basis of Gardzen Grow Bags. It is detachable in virtue of attachable Velcro on bottom securing top side. There is also a sewn net on the bottom to hold soil. The idea of this “Marry Pots” is to avoid transplanting shock. When a plant is ready for transplanting, the simple way is just to remove the Velcro bottom and lightly place on top of a soil-filled bigger pot.

"Marry Pots" Unique Features

A Detachable Bottom

There are two Velcros both sewn in pot’s side and bottom. Simply separate the two Velcros and take down the bottom.

detachable bottom

Detachable Bottom


A Layer of Net

During the actual placement, there is a net attached on the bottom to support dirt after removed the bottom. The mesh, with 8*8mm dimension, allows the roots to freely pass through to its new bigger environment without disruption.

A Layer of Net

A Layer of Net


Advantages of "Marry Pots"

1) Easy, fast, no shock transplanting, no disturbance to roots.

marry to grow bags

2) Save 11lbs of medium in a 5lbs space. Because the pots use vertical space more than that use horizontal(floor). If your using a normal pot of 10 gallons the whole 10 is using floor space, but with marry pots the 7 gallon(biggest pot on ground) is being stacked with the other pots, all the pots hold medium so they all count as total medium but they’re stacked. Meaning 3 marry pots of 7,3,1 would be 11 gallons in the same space as just a single 7 gallon normal pot

marry to raised bed

3) Use at least 30% less water (I can save even 50%). Water is so much better targeted that you have little waste. 

4) 25% less fertilizer. If your adding fertilizer to your water(all high value/yield crops do this) the fertilizer is just like the water, it’s channeled over the roots rather than dispersing outward away from the roots where obviously the water and fertilizer is wasted. The smaller pots hold the water and fertilizer way better than the big pot on the ground. Ps: Marry Pots have cut my water and fertilizer needs by a lot. As least 25% I'd bet more closer to 33%.

5) Takes 25% off grow cycle- for my tomatoes and 33% off of the cannabis plants. The main idea of this method is that we "marry pots together" rather than traditional transplanting of removing one pot and then trying to marry the plant to its new pot causing damage and shock to the plant. This causes the plant grow to mature 3-4 weeks sooner than a plant that has been transplanted 3+ times! This really will increase your yields in a much faster rate!!!!!

 marry pots

6) Pets can’t urinate on plants- it’s liked their shelved. It’s the vertical height of the top pot that is usually to high for most dogs to reach when doing there business. Male dogs love to pee on things in the backyard of course, usually you have to keep your plants on a shelf or sit them higher than the dog can pee. With marry pots the dogs pee on the bigger pot on the ground but the plant and it’s leaves are to high. Dog urine on leaves and root ball(base of plant) is a killer! Well again space and having the plants up off the floor away from pets. They really help out in the garden when married to the ground by having the plant raised and surrounded by a fabric wall(think wall around a castle) which keeps them out of reach from all kinds of critters and pest and pets.

7) Extremely less chance for root rot.

8) Can color coordinate with the different pots.

9) Very little chance of over/under watering. Gives you that extra day of a reserved water that being held by the smaller pots in the system. Smaller pots hold water way better than the bigger ones.

10) You can marry two small pots with different species of plant to one big pot- what this does it allows you to feed each individual plant it’s own feed program we both are sharing the bigger pot below. Works amazing!

11) You don’t have to dry out the pot before transplanting, causing shock. Usually to help facilitate the removal of the plant from its original pot growers dry out the soil so it doesn’t stick, this means two plus days of stress and shock.

12) You can chase the sun. Meaning when you start with smaller pots your allowed to move the small plant around the yard bringing them into the sun from shade, speeding up grow and producing largest plants with more yield.

13)You can marry pots to the ground. No need to cut the bottom and then bury bags in the ground. When you do this you actually provide protection from pest walking through your garden. Not only is your plant walled off but it’s raised. With a married pot, you obviously target the water and hold its moisture rather than it simply seeping it not the earth.

I’ve realized a hugely great benefit when using the Marry Pot while growing tomatoes. You probably already know that tomatoes greatly prefer to be watered from the bottom up. If you water them from the top the plant doesn’t grow or produce as much, and could even lead to disease with a total loss. With the Marry pot you just water the bottom pot and let the water seep up to the top pots. I’ve tested this with 8 plants. 4 of them married to bigger pots and 4 grown traditionally. The married ones are greatly out producing. The traditional ones have yellow small leaves and are producing smaller fruit with some of them even having the dreaded rot at the bottom of the tomatoes. The marry potted one have ZERO issues and are performing with huge fruit and NO rot, and no discolored leaves!!!

Compared with traditional transplant, this is a revolutionary method to avoid traditional high trauma transplanting. The magic is that we marry pots together rather than transplanting!!

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  • Wp

    I saw these once, never saw them again. Even just getting a ten gallon with mesh bottom would be awesome, let the tomato plants dig deep. It’s clay but can only help. Where do you buy em?

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