Indoor Garden Projects for the Holiday Season

Indoor Garden Projects for the Holiday Season

By Michael Jenkins

December is upon us, and for many of us it brings the holiday season, winter weather, and hopefully cozy times inside with friends and family. While all of that can be wonderful, it generally means that there’s less going on outdoors and less to do in our gardens. Whether you’ve got a patio garden or a larger tilled or raised bed space, you’re likely missing working with your garden and your plants at this time of the year. Never fear—as always, we at Gardzen have some suggestions that might help you keep your green thumb happy when you don’t have much to do outside. We’ve put together a list of suggestions for indoor garden projects that you and your family can do during the holiday season. We’ve tried to include a variety of things so that there’s something for everyone, so take a look and find what works for you and your household!

  • Grow some herbs! We’ve written about how to start an herb gardenbefore, but now may be the time to get started on an indoor herb garden for the winter season. All you need is a few small containers and a sunny windowsill or a grow lamp, and you can have a fun herb garden all winter long. Herbs that thrive indoors are also easy to use in the kitchen, especially with many delicious seasonal recipes!
  • Grow some veggies!Yes, you can grow vegetables indoors during the winter! Growing some greens like arugula or spinach is just as easy as growing herbs indoors, and doesn’t require much more in terms of time, space, and materials. Green onions are also easy to grow indoors, and can add some fresh flavor to winter meals. Sweet potatoes, beans, and peas can also be grown inside, but they do need larger containers, more space, and a support or trellis to vine on.
  • Make some holiday decorations! This is a festive time of the year for so many people of so many beliefs, and you can join in by making your own holiday decorations. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you want, but some greenery, a wreath, or just a few indoor holiday plantscan add color, life, and festivity to your home while fulfilling your gardening needs for the season.
  • Try an experiment! Gardening is all about learning, observation, and experimentation. Try something new during this winter season! Grow something indoors, try an exotic plant or two, start a hydroponic system—there are so many possibilities! Take a chance and see what you can do, achieve, and learn no matter how it turns out.
  • Dream, plan, and think of your spring garden! Outdoor gardening season is closer than we think, so take some inside time today to think ahead and imagine what your future garden might be like. Make some plans, order some seeds, and give some space to what you’d like to see in your garden through spring, summer, and beyond!

We hope that we’ve inspired you to start a few indoor garden projects over the winter holidays. There’s always something to do, and we at Gardzen believe that gardening should be for everyone, all the year long!

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