If you are not familiar with cucumber plants. You may feel surperise when you When the cucumbers you grow are not similiar with the one you purchased from market. Cucumbers are vary in sizes and length because of breeds, from long and slim and short and fat. Sometimes, cucumbers will set fruits which are not belonged to their breeds. Weather condition, the number of bees and environment stress will effect the size and shape of cucumbers.

Pollination Problem

It is said that pollen will be killed in hot weather, which will cause poor pollination. When the female flowering does not get enough vigorous pollen, the cucumber may develop unbalanced or fruit underdeveloped. Poorly pollinated cucumbers usually swell at the stem ends, but they do not grow to the expected length. The flower ends may be twisted or curled, causing the cucumber to become fat and knotty. Bees are the main pollinators or cucumbers, lacked can cause pollination problems.The use of pesticides can be dangerous to the bee population in your garden. Be careful when using insecticides, as you may inadvertently kill the beeds needed to pollinate cucumber plants.

Environmental Stress

Cucumbers may have less and undeveloped or abnormal fruits when they feel stress. Lack of water, nutrition or sunlight may lead to the number of setting fruits decreased. Water cucumbers one or two times once a week and let water through its roots. 

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