When Your leaves Falling, You Can.......

When Your leaves Falling, You Can.......

There are usually many leaves in your yard in Autumn season, they maybe also come from your neighbors’ yard. Anyway, you have to clean up. Perhaps you collect them all in a pile and put it off and leave them along side, just settle them on ground, because you don’t sure how to do with a large amount of leaves. Perhaps you use garden tools like hand rakes to scoop them into gardening bags. Perhaps you make best use of these leaves as mulch or good fertilizer by composting.

Raking Your Leaves

Raking your leaves into a pile may be a tedious work for you, choosing a right tool can make this garden work a little fun. Now, hand rake has been made substantial changes to meet various garden program needs. New hand rakes, designed with ergonomic functions, and their different features help you get the job done quicker and easier. Like Gardzen Leaf Scoop Set, they can help you avoid having to bend over to pick up leaves on the ground. It is worth mentioning that there is a pair of protective padding to prevent your wrist be sore.

A Self-supporting Bag is Necessary

Gardzen Leaf Scoop Set has other accessional products, including a pair of protective padding, a 72 gallon gardening bag and a pair of gloves. Protective padding keep your wrist or arm away sore and ache, making you feel comfortable when your hand reach inside to rake up leaves. The 72 gallon bag can be self-supporting with a plastic hoop, which you can also pull out for easy storage. It is necessary that your bag stands beside by itself when you raking up leaves. The gloves are the perfect choice for weeding, planting and multiple Gardening projects.

The Benefits of Composting

After you done, you may be worried how to dispose these leaves. Composting is a good choice. Composting leaves is a terrific way to recycle and create nutrient rich soil amendment at the same time. There are numerous benefits of leaves compost. Such as, increasing nutrient to garden soil, being a good natural and organic fertilizer, becoming a wonderful “blanket” to keep warm in cold weather and diminishing the threads to environment like burning leaves.

How to Compost

You should gather leaves in a pile. The basic idea is to add air occasionally for aerobic microbes. The process is called decomposing. Next, you need to keep the compost warm, around 60 degrees Fahrenheit (15℃)temperature. The container which you collect compost leaves should have enough room to turn the compost to let air circulation and mix in moist material. Beyond that, you also need a balance of carbon, which is the leaf litter, and nitrogen. Nitrogen can be thought of as green, moist items. In addition, fast composting starts with a layer of 6-8inch leaves, 1 inch soil and 1 inch manure or nitrogen source. The most important, don’t forget to keep them moist.

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