Vegetable Containers--Planting Salads

Vegetable Containers--Planting Salads

Would you often have a family gardening education activities with your children or pets? If so, try to plant salads in a container and have a fun on weekend !

No matter you have large garden yard, or lane, or terrace or balcony, Gardzen grow bags can be a suitable choice for your program starting. Gardzen has various sizes selection for your choices. Big size like 40-100 gallon grow bags, medium, like 10-30 grow bags or small, 1-7 gal bag. You will find pleasure no matter what size you choose.

Prepare your favorite salad vegetables, potting mix soil and Gardzen fabric pots, then ready to harvest edible and healthy salads. For example, lettuce with long leaves and spinach are rich in vitamins and minerals. Lettuce is rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, and folic acid-the natural form of B-9 (folate), which strengthens the immune system and prevents depression. Red Salad Bowl, a heirloom lettuce, although poor in fiber element, it tastes tender and sweet, and color is very beautiful. As the temperature rises in the late spring, the growth rate of lettuce is very slow. Spinach, thicker leaves with dark green color, contains rich iron, calcium, vitamin C and K1. It's pretty to add them in Gardzen Red Salad Bowl. Finally, combined with some carrots as a coloring material, crunch food and mushy antioxidant, β-carotene and the source of vitamin A !

Gardzen grow bags

Have a beginning now with Gardzen vegetable grow bags now !

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