Using Garden Kneelers – What Is A Garden Kneeler For

Using Garden Kneelers – What Is A Garden Kneeler For

Gardening provides moderate exercise, access to Vitamin D, fresh air, and a host of other benefits. Doctors recommend outdoor activities especially for disabled persons or seniors. Using garden kneelers can make enjoying time outside easier and more pleasurable in the garden. What are garden kneelers? If you have arthritis, stiff joints, or even just want to simplify garden tasks, they can be your best friend.

What are Garden Kneelers?

If it is hard to get down on the ground to weed, harvest strawberries, or perform other gardening tasks, a garden kneeler might be the perfect solution. What is a garden kneeler for? It helps lower the body to the ground and provides a cushioned site for your knees. This makes any low task more comfortable and also keeps your pants out of the dirt. There are many types of garden kneelers to choose from, but the main purpose is the same. Style, color, and size are the major variances.

You don’t have to be getting older or have a disability to want a garden kneeler. These can be lightweight, fold up benches that provide a low seating space or flip over to offer a padded site for your knees. Best of all, the legs of the bench, when flipped over, double as handrails to help raise and lower from a kneeling position.

Some types of garden kneelers offer accessory tools and holders to make gardening even more comfortable. Another great benefit to these products is that they can double as an extra seat around the campfire, a perch while bathing the kids, a stepstool to change the bird feeder, and much more.

How to Use a Garden Kneeler

Garden kneelers are personal assistance devices and have no specific instructions on use. Every company’s product is built slightly different with some kneelers in heavy duty plastic and others in metal, often powder coated for long lasting durability. The pads differ as well. Some have moisture resistant covers and the thickness of the padding can vary.

They come in a variety of colors and some companies offer numerous accessories such as attachable tool bags. Another key difference is the weight restrictions. A few kneelers can accommodate up to 250 pounds (113 kg.); however, this isn’t the case with all products and is important information. The weight of the unit is also a key consideration.

You don’t have to go deluxe when using garden kneelers for comfortable gardening. You can just get a garden pad that you move from space to space as you perform chores. These differ in color, pad thickness, size, and price but are more economical than garden kneelers. However, if you have a garden kneeler, they have diverse products that make the unit even more useful.

Many offer tool bags that fit onto the handles. Others have buckets or baskets that attach so you can gather produce. A few deluxe models offer units with wheels so you don’t even have to get up every time you want to move your kneeler. The market is varied and has something for every need and budget.

By: Bonnie L. Grant, Feburary 6 2020

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