Sowing seeds in seed trays

Sowing seeds in seed trays

Growing plants can be great of fun. Propagating your own plants in your garden is a rewarding way to make your garden full of green and more vivid. It gives you a real feeling of achievement and proud.

Today, we’re gonna talk about planting seeds in an unheated propagator.

Firstly, before sow seeds, we need to prepare a propagator instead sowing seeds to soil directly. But why? Why we should grow seeds in propagator firstly.

Growing seedlings in propagator means you can take care of them well. Seeds are so young and more vulnerable to the damages of external environment, such as bad weather, pests, animals, over-water or dried soil. While germinating seedlings indoor gives you convenience to manage their planting process and control those external conditions. You can water them according their needs, give them appropriate sunlight, mild temperature and enough nutrients by composting, and provide them a secure, stable growing environment as well. Besides, you are able to kick start earlier in season which extends growing season. And both of your young and older plants can survive better, then bring out more fruits.

Step 1: Fill seed tray with soil.

Step 2: Sow seeds into propagator. Those particles are small, you should sprinkle them evenly and leave enough space to grow. Your seed packet will tell you how deep to sow them. Some seeds need to be soaked overnight before sowed. So just follow seeds packet’s instruction.

Step 3: If you have various special seeds in there, labels would a great helper to help you recognize. Then give them a little water, be sure not use strong spray which will wash small seeds out of their position. There are holes in each bottom of trays, helping soils to keep humidity while not soggy.

But if you want reuse those labels, it is better to write in a paper, and then plug in the white label, which is reusable.


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