How to Choose the Best Place for Plant's Growth in Your Yard

How to Choose the Best Place for Plant's Growth in Your Yard

If you want something badly enough, you can find the means to get it.You may certainly agree this sentence when you do gardening in your yard, especially for those gardeners who live in apartment. Even though, the place have little sunlight or limited space, gardeners always can find way to plant what they want.

Gardzen grow bags would be a great choice both for indoor and outdoor gardening. In this post, we're talking about outdoor gardening with grow pots. You just need to select places where have sunlight with several hours per day. No matter on your rooftop, balcony, yard, terrace, porch, front door of your garage or small lane, a planning is must to make sure your vegetables grow up healthily.

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Consideration of Sunlight

Talking about planting, we all need to consider sunlight, how many hours of your plants need per day? You may need at least 8 hours of sunlight per day if you want to grow flowers and warmer vegetables, while herbs and cool vegetables need less.

To find a place where is suitable for your planting on your zone, the simplest way is to investigate sunshine, that is, prepare a paper and a pen, you may get three results in a day.

The ideal time to conduct a sunlight survey is early spring to mid-spring, when the trees begin to grow leaves and you can see the path of the sun as it passes through your favorite planting area. Draw the outline of the planting space on a piece of paper and include shade trees or other shadow-producing features.Then observe the area at 8:00 am, 12 noon and 4:00 pm, and draw a circle on the paper to show the area of sunlight after each observation. The place where the three circles intersect is the most direct sunlight in the yard. Through this survey, you can give priority to planting warmer fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, cucumbers, pumpkins and melons in the sunniest place. Other vegetables and herbs can also grow well in less sunlight and partial shade, for example, lettuce, kale, spinach, turnips, bush beans, peas, carrots, beets, green onions, Swiss turnips, beets and many herbs.

Consideration of Grow Bags

Find suitable size of grow bags to match your vegetables needs. Luckily, small space can be placed in a variety of different sizes of round Gardzen grow pots. You can also utilize vertical space, just put a shelf in there.

Consideration of Drip Irrigation

Gardzen grow bags also need some kind of irrigation to keep the plants watered. Many gardeners prefer to water manually with a hose or watering can. Others like to improve the convenience of bed irrigation systems, such as Gardzen slow drip irrigation system. For the healthiest gardens, avoid sprinklers that spray plant leaves.

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