Gardzen 40-Cell Seed Tray Set Listed as The 11 Best Seed Starting Trays of 2023 By Better Homes & Gardens

Gardzen 40-Cell Seed Tray Set Listed as The 11 Best Seed Starting Trays of 2023 By Better Homes & Gardens

Gardzen 40-Cell Seed Tray Set has been ranked among the top 11 best seed starting trays of 2023 by Better Homes & Gardens. Spending many efforts and much time in researching and testing, this article is newly published in the garden category, is a broad ranging, impartial assessment of seed starting trays options available to consumers in the United States.

We are excited to announce that our 40-cell seed tray set has been included in Better Homes & Gardens of the 11 best seed starting trays of 2023 to help kickstart your garden on the site: Better Homes & Gardens, launched in 1922, has been stimulating creativity, delivering know-how, and sharing fresh ideas that you can make your own. We power your passion to live a better, more beautiful, and colorful life.

Gardzen 40-cell seed trays are BPA-Free, it is safe for those gardeners who want to grow edible vegetables from seed trays to grow bags or in the ground. Besides 40 cells, we also have many size options to meet different needs of gardening, such as, 6-cell, 12-cell, 15-cell and 70-cell. After receiving several complaints from cell trays mentioned above about it's hard to take seedlings out when it's time to transplant and easy to damage seed trays which make them not recyclable, we make an improvement on the basis of our 12-cell trays, that is, our 12-cell ejector seed tray set. It divides the cell tray into two parts, upper part and bottom part. When it's time for transplanting all you do is push up the base and seedlings will slide out the seed trays. Note that you should firstly water and lightly tap the plant trays, the whole thing comes out like a cube, nice and compact with very little if any breakage or spillage of the medium. The base, bottom part, is designed to be detachable and on the inside of the seed starter tray, works amazingly to eject roots smoothly out. It's the only way to safely, basically risk free, to get the plant out of its seedling home. No squeezing trays makes them truly reusable!

Ejector Seedling Tray VS Traditional Transplant

Traditionally transplanting will squeeze the seedling starter trays and spill out their contents, in which medium goes everywhere exposing the tender roots, and high risk causing a shock to the plants system. But with the "ejection method", you just push the base from the bottom and out comes everything painlessly and safely.

Gardzen is always standing behind our products, and we welcome all suggestions and any new ideas, which may help us do better in our products and business. 

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