Gardzen Grow Bags Complete Kit
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Gardzen Grow Bags Complete Kit
Gardzen Grow Bags Complete Kit
Gardzen Grow Bags Complete Kit

Gardzen Grow Bags Complete Kit

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PACKAGE INCLUDED-- 10 packs grow bags(size is optional), 5 packs 40-cell seed trays, 1 pack soil tester, 10 packs indoor plant saucers (size is optional).

SEED STARTER MUST-- 5-set seed tray kits contain seed trays(40-cell per tray), base trays and transparent domes. The kits provide a good drainage system with 40 holes in each tray and a simple way to sow seeds.

2-IN-1 SOIL TESTER - Measure your soil moisture, pH value, analyze soil moisture and pH acidity of your plants and monitor their health.

A CONVENIENT GROW CONTAINERS-- Gardzen grow bags with fabric material which can drain out excess water, prevent root swirling, air-prunes plants root structure and easy move with durable handles. They are washable for yearly reuses.

PLANT SAUCERS-- Indoor growing may cause dirty in floor, Gardzen clear saucers can hold spilled water and soil, resolve your worries. With UV stabilized, saucers also can be for a long-term outdoor use.


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  • Can I purchase just the small biodegradable seed starter pots?

    Sorry, it's unavailable, the seed starter pots are discontinued, we will update the complete kit link.