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Gardzen 12-Cell Seed Starting Trays

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  • Package Content - seed tray with drainage holes, base tray that hold the excess water that drains from seed trays, transparent dome that snaps over the bottom trays quite nicely.
  • Seed Tray - Gardzen 12-cell insert tray provides a simple, straightforward way to sow seeds and raise plants from cuttings. The drain hole at bottom of seed tray prevents overwatering.
  • Base Tray - Ideal for use when propagating to catch the excess water that drains from seed trays. Also great for hydroponic use. You can fill the bottom with water and it is distributed to the right places, so the roots can absorb the water.
  • Transparent Dome - Transparent lid plays roles of humidity and warmth, allow you can see seedlings' growth process clearly.
  • Keep Seeds Grow Healthy - Seeds need a suitable space to improve their absorption of water and nutrients. These propagator set maintain different climate conditions for groups of seedling and ideal to transit room temperatures for optimal root growth.


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  • What is the green 2 pronged tool for?

    The dibber, with conical head, is used to dig holes for sowing seeds. The widger has fork and spoon on both sides, the former taking seedlings out and transplanting, the later spreading fertilizer to seeds or seedlings.