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Gardzen 4 Layers Seed Sprout Trays Shelf, BPA-Free Trays

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  • The shelf is made of plastic tubes which is connected firmly by the connectors. The Trays are Made of premium plastic material, BPA free. Safely sprout edible greens and have a healthy diet. the shelf comes with caster wheels that make it easy to move.
  • The white tray has many dense holes which can keep small seeds like wheatgrass, mung stay on the white tray. With excellent air permeability, seeds sprout out easily with strong roots.
  • Concave-convex design makes users easily take white tray out, while won’t mess and destroy seeds and seedlings.
  • Green tray holds water underneath, providing enough moisture and nutrition to seeds and promoting germination. Conveniently change clean water and provide a good environment to seeds.
  • Gardzen seed sprouter tray is great for indoor or outdoor seeds growing, and for a gardening interest to observe natural growing. You can sprout crops, wheat grass, mung, greens, alfalfa, and many more, while enjoy them in your salads, sandwiches or soups.


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